Decorative Concrete

One of the many uses of concrete is to provide exciting and colorful hardscapes to projects ranging from stamp and color concrete crosswalks, raised medians, stamped subdivision intersections and entrances, to patios, driveways, and walkways.

Over the years, the outside elements tend to deteriorate the color pigments and even the concrete itself. Lot Lines Striping and Sealcoating, LLC is now providing new services that can restore not only the color, but also the original detail of your stamped and colored concrete surfaces, breathing new life into your old weathered hardscape feature. When restoring your concrete surfaces, we have available two different products that we can use which offer two levels of protection, based on the requirements you desire for a project.


StreetStain™ by Pattern Paving Products, is an environmentally friendly acrylic concrete stain that is applied to the surface using a two coat process.  We can add a proprietary additive which increases the anti-slip properties of StreetStain™. This concrete staining system is available in a variety of standard colors, and virtually any custom color can be matched to return your project to its original beauty.

In shopping centers and at many municipal buildings, parking lots or roads, the concrete curbs are typically painted to indicate fire lanes, water hydrant locations, and even for pedestrian and traffic safety. Concrete curb paint, while durable, does tend to fade, chip and peel leaving behind an unsightly curb. StreetStain™ will not crack, chip or peel like paint does, particularly when several coats of paint have been layered on top of one another. StreetStain™ will retain its original color, will not chip or peel and can easily be “freshened up” after many years of service. StreetStain™ can be applied to new or old concrete and asphalt surfaces. Previously painted concrete surfaces will need to be shot blasted to ensure proper adhesion, uniform color and surface texture. StreetStain™ is an economical product that can be used to restore your weathered or damaged decorative concrete crosswalks, medians, intersections, patios, driveways, or walkways back to their original appearance.


The “Asphalt Stamp and Color” surfacing system provided by Lot Lines Striping and Sealcoating, is produced by stamping a template into freshly placed or re-heated asphalt. This is then followed by the application of a polymer modified coating. Stamped Asphalt Coatings provide durable, attractive, and slip-resistant coatings that are available in a wide choice of colors. You can also choose from a variety of stamping patterns and color combinations to create any desired look. Our coatings are applied at a minimum of 30 dry mils and as thick as 75 dry mils... depending on the application.

When it comes to restoring your decorative concrete surface or concrete curbing, Lot Lines Striping and Sealcoating, LLC has the experience, quality products, equipment, and factory authorized and trained staff to restore your dull and listless hardscape to its original beauty! Contact us to discuss how these concrete restoration solutions can be incorporated on your next project.

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